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MarketScope Advisor provides investment professionals with unrivaled access to S&P Global Market Intelligence's renowned investment research and data with analytic portfolio tools you can use to stay abreast of the market and deliver investment insights to your clients.

Introducing Fixed Income Research for Wealth

Powerful Insight for Today's Wealth Managers

Wealth Managers and their clients have looked to S&P Capital IQ for independence research for decades. We are proud to introduce Fixed Income research reports specifically designed for the needs of today’s wealth manager. This security, peer group and issuer level Fixed Income research is concise and updated daily.

Gain a 360 degree view with bond analysis, market data, terms and conditions, price evaluations and cross-asset market commentary.

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Breakthrough ETF Coverage Now Available!

Independent, cross-asset ETF coverage for any investment strategy

Exchange Traded Funds are one of the most rapidly-growing investments, with over $2 trillion in assets under management as of December 2014 - a doubling of assets since the end of 2011*. With their lower expense ratio, greater liquidity and tax-efficiency than mutual funds, they’re the go-to investment for many clients. But with the sheer volume of choices and ETF types available, making recommendations for clients can be a challenge for even the most experienced wealth manager. That’s where S&P Capital Global Market Intelligence™ comes in.

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* Source: BlackRock as of December 2014

Investment Research

Now Available

On May 18, 2013 S&P Global Market Intelligence's ETF coverage expanded to include Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities. Combined with existing equity coverage, we’re now able to offer research and analysis on an even broader range of ETFs.

When combined with top down, bottom up views on sectors, industries and asset classes, our reports can help you sort through the 1,000+ ETFs currently available.

The ETF growth story is one that crosses asset classes, and as fixed income, commodity and currency‐focused ETFs continue to attract significant investor attention, we’re pleased to be adding well over 200 such ETFs to our coverage list.

  • Qualitative S&P STARS opinions and quantitative coverage on over 5,000 U.S. and non U.S. corporations and American depositary receipts.
  • Stock Reports capture performance, company financials, sub-industry outlook, plus an objective review and risk analysis.
  • The Stock Screener charts consensus recommendations and analyst earnings estimates over time to show changing expectations and offers quick interactive access to real-time stock data.

Stock Research Overview

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Premier Stock Data

MarketScope Advisor Premier was designed with your needs in mind and includes:

  • Ownership Data: Access the timeliest data in the marketplace with over 1,500 documents processed daily. Overview includes owner type, top holders and total shares outstanding.
  • Consensus Estimates: View global estimates from over 700 contributors.
  • Key Developments: News analysis on significant news and corporate event data from over 20,000 news sources.
  • A Corporate Events Calendar: Over 120 categories of events and corporate actions of a company for the current year.

Mutual Funds
  • Timely, detailed reports and S&P Stars rankings on over 20,000 U.S. mutual funds illustrate portfolio and style composition, best/worst performance, and top 10 holdings.
  • The Fund Screener customizes your research with simple criteria such as fund family and investment category, or more performance-driven data such as Sharpe ratio, standard deviation and R-squared.

ETF & Mutual Fund Research Overview

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  • Ranked using S&P methodology that evaluates underlying holdings and fund characteristics, combining qualitative and quantitative analysis of performance analytics, risk considerations and cost factors for Equity ETFs and Fixed Income ETFs.
  • Detailed reports on over 1000 ETFs show holdings breakdowns by asset type, sector, sub-industry and top 10 holdings. Also highlights peer comparisons.
  • The ETF screener enables you to search by S&P ranking, expense ratio and historical performance for ETFs that you determine are most suitable for your clients.

ETF & Mutual Fund Research Overview

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Introducing Fixed Income Research - Available on MarketScope Advisor on BondWorks

S&P Capital IQ leverages its decades-long experience with fixed income and credit insight to bring clients bond research.

  • With a unique focus not only on the bond, but also its issuer and peer groups, S&P Capital IQ research gives you the full picture of a bond.
  • Concise and easy to use, S&P Capital IQ’s fixed income research is rich with information including market data, terms and conditions, price evaluations, credit default swap spreads and more - all updated in a daily basis.

We offer security-level research, covering over 550,000 US Corporate and Municipal bonds that provides concise, relevant and client-friendly research including market data, terms and conditions, evaluated prices, credit default swap spreads and market commentary.

Security Level details to help make actionable investment decisions

  • Rankings
  • Comparative Bond Analysis
  • Terms and Conditions

Issuer Level evaluations including

  • Key Financial Ratios
  • Credit Ratings History
  • Credit Default Swap Spread Trends
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  • View options strategies based on S&P's equity research, including covered call and hedged strategies for STARS, PowerPicks and Top 10 model portfolios.
  • S&P options reports for stocks based on S&P equity research include covered call and calendar spread strategies, risk rankings, commentary and potential profit/loss chart.
  • Portfolio Analyzer tool helps you explore alternatives for using equity put options on indices to seek to hedge portfolios against market declines.
  • Options strategies powered by InvestorsObserver

News & Commentary

What's New

Two New U.S. Portfolios

We’ve added two new US Portfolios that you can use to help you allocate your clients holdings.

Mid-Year PowerPicks Portfolio

Mid-Year PowerPicks Portfolio represents the collective best ideas of S&P Capital IQ’s U.S. equity analysts and is diversified across all 10 S&P economic sectors comprising the S&P 500 Index.

Warren Buffett Portfolio

Warren Buffett Portfolio is aimed at identifying stocks that meet investment criteria set by Warren Buffett in the past. It is updated twice annually, in March and September.

Real-time access to some of the best thinking of S&P Capital IQ's leading equity analysts, economists and equity strategists, MarketScope Advisor provides timely and informative investment insights for financial professionals and their clients.

Trends & Ideas

Market Movers

Provides easy access to timely information on which stocks are moving and why.

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Broker Views and News

Commentary on companies from experienced brokers and dealers.

Research Notes

Provides the latest from S&P equity analysts on STARS stock rankings and buy/hold/sell recommendations, along with views on company news and earnings releases.

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S&P Investment Strategy

Review the S&P Investment Policy Committee's asset allocation recommendations by asset class.

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Economy Watch

Access recent economic releases such as housing starts, factory orders and consumer sentiment.


What's New

Alerts & Watchlists

Based on client feedback, you can now choose to receive alerts on different publication types – including Trends & Ideas, Research Notes, MarketMovers, and Broker Views & News. Additionally, you can now create alerts for your entire Watchlists and portfolios containing Stocks and/or ETFs.

Account Linking

If you access MarketScope Advisor through a company intranet platform, and access our research through an individual account, you can now link them and view all subscribed research, saved searches, watch lists, alerts and from either entry point.


We’ve enhanced your screening capabilities so that you can now search on Fund Characteristics with the label ‘Fund Structure’.

Mutual Funds

US Funds Manager Tenure selection has been added in the Mutual Funds Screener under Funds Characteristics criteria with the label ‘Manager Start Date.’

Hypothetical Analysis Tool

A means to create hypothetical portfolios tailored to client needs that illustrate not only the effects of contributions, withdrawals, and rebalancing, but also tax rates, expenses, inflation, and more. You can personalize each report and customize the content with simple or more complex asset analysis. Hypothetical tool powered by AdvisoryWorld.

HoldingScan Tool

Analyze the underlying holdings of a portfolio - including stocks, mutual funds and ETFs - to evaluate your clients' asset allocation and sector weightings and benchmark performance against major indices.


Customized lists of stocks, funds and ETFs that you create and can easily monitor.

Mobile Access

Recently, we launched our new mobile access to MarketScope Advisor for your smart phone and/or tablet. A "mobile" button will appear in the top banner of your home page. Click it, sign in, and take MarketScope Advisor with you. This is just one of many new updates to Marketscope Advisor. Use the links below to see all of the newest innovations. To access MarketScope Mobile from your smart phone or tablet, right now visit

What’s new and coming soon to MarketScope Advisor


Personalize your MarketScope Advisor experience by creating customized alerts stocks and ETF's that you can easily monitor.

Plus access to our Model Portfolios based on our proprietary qualitative and quantitative ranking systems.

Investment Tools


After logging onto MarketScope Advisor, you will land on the home page. From here, you can do many things:

  • Perform a search for a specific company, mutual fund, or ETF. The return will be a Snapshot of key data points related to the security.
  • Click on any headline appearing on the home page to view the story in its entirety.
  • View a snapshot of the stock market and related market statistics.
  • View S&P MarketScope's Market Commentary for a quick update on current market activity.
  • View your WatchList by selecting the Track Securities features.
  • Quickly view specific MarketScope content by using the left nav links (MarketMovers, S&P Research Notes, Street Talk, etc.)

For all questions, contact our Client Services team:

  • Call our MarketScope Advisor Client Services team at 1-800-523-4534 ext. #1 then #2 (8:00am - 8:00pm ET.)


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